Govt's Gift of Extra Time to Prove Existence

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So, you run a tourist hotspot, and the government wants proof that your accommodations are more than just a figment of your imagination. But wait, what's this? A bureaucratic hiccup has turned the online registration platform into a digital maze. Fear not, for the powers that be have graciously extended the deadline for you to prove your existence.


The Ministry of Housing, in a statement dripping with official charm, cited a 'recent surge' in activity on the RNAL platform as the reason for the delay. Translation: too many people trying to prove they exist caused a virtual traffic jam.

The original deadline, slated for December 7, has now been stretched like metaphorical elastic until the stroke of midnight on December 13. Because nothing says 'procrastination nation' quite like a last-minute extension.

The government, ever the responsible adult, admitted the hiccup but insisted the registration portal was never really 'down.' It was just having a moment of introspection, we suppose.

This bureaucratic ballet has left the Association of Local Accommodation in Portugal (ALEP) tapping its fingers impatiently. They reported 'technical glitches' on Monday, revealing that owners attempting to submit documentation were met with a digital shoulder shrug and an error message that basically said, 'Oops, try again.'

The consequences? Well, missing the deadline could turn your dreamy local lodgings into a licensing nightmare. ALEP painted a vivid picture of impending doom, warning that automatic license cancellations could rain on the parade of local accommodation owners. Not exactly the holiday cheer we were hoping for.

In a sassy jab, ALEP criticized the 'careless' design of this obligation, arguing that the More Housing initiative's measures were crafted without a clue about the reality of running accommodations. A classic case of policy without a pulse, they say.

Cue Law No. 56/2023, swooping in with housing measures like a superhero in a legislative cape. One of its articles mandates a proof-of-life declaration within two months of the law's activation. Holders of local accommodation registrations must jump through the digital hoops on the RNAL platform, waving their virtual flags at the Single Electronic Counter.


So, fellow hosts, rejoice! The deadline drama has a sequel, and it's coming to your screens on December 13. Will the government's digital ballet continue, or will local accommodations emerge victorious in this bureaucratic tango? Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion.

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